Winton Higgins

Winton is an academic and writer. He has practiced the Dhamma since 1987 and runs beginners meditation retreats at Wat Buddha Dhamma. He is also a lecturer at Macquarie University. For some years he has presented a seven week course that introduces people to Buddhism and Meditation. His course on the Wheel of Becoming answers requests from students of his introductory course for follow-on study, but is also suitable for others who have taken different routes into the Dhamma. Winton Higgins, a Sydney writer and academic, has practiced Dhamma for 17 years, and has been teaching it for around ten years. He now leads meditation retreats at Wat Buddha Dhamma, and teaches Dhamma both there and in courses at the Buddhist Library in Camperdown. He is a member of the Insight Teachers’ Circle of Australia, an association of vipassana meditation teachers.