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Guest Speakers


Brian White

Mr. Brian White has been active in Buddhist youth circles since his student days in Unibuds at the University of NSW during early 1980s. In recent years he has assisted tertiary Buddhist societies in Victoria and New South Wales, and is an advisor to the Mitra Intervarsity Buddhist Network. For two years Mr White taught the weekly Buddhist scripture class at a Sydney high school. As the Assistant Buddhist Chaplain at UTS, Mr White supports the UTS Buddhist Society in its spiritual and fellowship activities. His interests include the development of lay Buddhist chaplains, Buddhist youth education, dialogue with other faiths, and service to the community by Buddhists, which he calls ‘Active Dhamma’ .


Charles Khong

Charles Khong trained with the Centre of Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA in Mindfulness based stress reduction. He is a long time student of the dhamma and is presently conducting mindfulness classes for members of the public.


Dr. Belinda Khong

Dr. Belinda Siew Luan Khong is informed by the Buddha’s teachings. Her PhD thesis titled “A Comparative Analysis of the Concept of Responsibility in Daseinsanalysis and Buddhist Psychology” received a Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation and won her the Sidney M Jourard Memorial Student Award for outstanding research from the American Psychological Association (APA) in 1999. Dr. Khong is a practising psychologist and lecturer at Macquarie University, Sydney. She counsels individuals and families on relationship matters, stress management, communication and personal growth. She is an associate editor of the Transcultural Society for Meditation E-Journal, and serves on the editorial board of The Australian Journal of Counselling Psychology. Her research and teaching interests include integrating Western psychology and Eastern philosophies especially Buddhism. She has published numerous articles on this subject and most recently authored chapters in Psychology and Buddhism: From individual to global community (2003) and Encountering Buddhism (2003). She has also presented papers and conducted workshops on the integration of Buddhism and psychotherapy in Australia and overseas.


Winton Higgins

Winton is an academic and writer. He has practiced the Dhamma since 1987 and runs beginners meditation retreats at Wat Buddha Dhamma. He is also a lecturer at Macquarie University. For some years he has presented a seven week course that introduces people to Buddhism and Meditation. His course on the Wheel of Becoming answers requests from students of his introductory course for follow-on study, but is also suitable for others who have taken different routes into the Dhamma. Winton Higgins, a Sydney writer and academic, has practiced Dhamma for 17 years, and has been teaching it for around ten years. He now leads meditation retreats at Wat Buddha Dhamma, and teaches Dhamma both there and in courses at the Buddhist Library in Camperdown. He is a member of the Insight Teachers’ Circle of Australia, an association of vipassana meditation teachers.


Bhante Tejadhammo

Bhante Tejadhammo is the Spiritual Director of the Association of Engaged Buddhists founded in 1993, and senior resident monk at Sangha Lodge, Sydney. Apart from giving Buddhist teachings, he also works with people who are seriously ill in various hospitals, hospices and their homes in and around Sydney. Bhante teaches and conducts regular retreats and is a founding member of the Australian Monastic Encounter, which seeks to promote inter-religious and inter monastic dialogue. Bhante has taught in Thai Universities and jails. He works with people who are seriously ill and dying as well as with prisoners seeking more skillful and beneficial ways to deal with their problems. He also offers teachings for many other Buddhist groups as well as Adult Education groups in Sydney and throughout Australia.


Dr Chien Hoong Gooi

Chien Hoong is a Clinical Psychologist and Buddhist teacher who seeks to integrate western psychology with the practices of Buddhist meditation. He was previously involved in clinical research applying mindfulness practices in the treatment of Generalised Anxiety Disorder at The University of Sydney and also served as the Buddhist Chaplain at the University of New South Wales. He is the Director of Operations and a Trustee of the Buddhist Library and Meditation Centre, a member of the Australian Psychological Society, Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists (AABCAP) and a regular guest speaker at various Buddhist groups in Sydney. Chien Hoong currently directs a psychology private practice in Glebe.


Jim Teoh

Jim has been a Buddhist teacher for more than twenty years and was one of the initiators of the earliest structured Buddhist programs presented at the Buddhist Library. He has taught numerous Buddhist courses in various organisations, such as the Buddhist Council of NSW, Buddhist Library, Indonesian Buddhist Society of NSW and Bodhikusuma Buddhist and Meditation Centre. Jim is a regular speaker and meditation workshop facilitator at University Buddhist organisations. He is also trained as a Hospital Buddhist Chaplain.